SBA financing for FedEx Routes

Need a SBA Business Plan for FedEx Route Financing?

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has compiled a list of  guidelines for how business plans should be prepared, including what  needs to be outlined and included in order get funding from banks and  other institutions. MyGround Support® is an experienced FedEx Route SBA Business Plan author that can author your plan to these guidelines

FedEx Route SBA Financing

FedEx Linehaul & FedEx ISP Agreements are SBA Recognized

FedEx Routes are listed on the SBA Directory for Lenders/CDCs in evaluating the eligibility of a small business that operates under an agreement.  

FedEx Route Financing

FedEx Route Acquisition Financing (outside of SBA Business Plan)

Securing SBA financing to purchase FedEx Routes can be difficult. MyGround® Support works with firms that understand the FedEx Route business model and those that will consider you for SBA financing.

Want to learn more about SBA FedEx Route Financing? 

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