FedEx Route Consulting & Due Diligence Support ($185 hr)


$185 hr - Hourly Consulting Services & Due Diligence Support for FedEx Routes & Linehaul Runs

This product is the Engagement Fee for MyGround® Support's Hourly Consulting Services & Due Diligence Support ($185 hr). Billings for services performed are charged against the Engagement Fee until it is exhausted.

Two steps are required to engage MyGround® Support on an hourly basis:

1. Completion of the Consulting Services Agreement (click on hyperlink)

2. Payment of the $925 Engagement Fee by adding this product to the cart and checking out.  The Engagement Fee is used towards invoices and any portion not used is refunded at the expiration of the Consulting Services Agreement.


About the Hourly Consulting Services & Due Diligence Support

Many components of FedEx Routes and Linehaul Runs are deceivingly more complex to evaluate and perform due diligence on then even the savviest business entrepreneur may think to review. Engaging a highly professional FedEx Route Consultant is critical to understand the complexities, contractual aspects, and financials.  MyGround® Support's due diligence staff are former FedEx Ground contracting investors, top school MBA graduates, and recognized experts on FedEx Ground route matters.  We perform bookkeeping & payroll services for numerous FedEx Contractors. We know FedEx Route financials well and also know the critical non-financial aspects that require careful due diligence.

A small sampling of questions to ask yourself as you evaluate the need for FedEx Route Consulting or Due Diligence Support Services:
  • Do you know a 30+ %  profit margin is impossible in FedEx Ground contracting and Brokers or Sellers are presenting you a 30+ % "cash flow" number that is calculated incorrectly?  Do you know what the margins really are in this industry?
  • Do you understand all aspects of a FedEx Agreement including the Negotiated Rates in P&D ISP agreements, has the Seller provided the historical negotiated rates to you to determine if they are going up or down?
  • Do you know how the exclusive right to renegotiate / renew an Agreement is obtained?, are you aware P&D ISP Agreements are not automatic renewal?
  • Do you know what availability rate you must maintain on a Linehaul run before FedEx Ground rescinds the right to the run?, is the Seller getting close to this rate already?, have the availability rates been provided to you?
  • Do you know that past financial performance could in no way be indicative of future financial performance given all the changes occurring in contracting terms and service areas right now?  Are you aware of all the changing terms and the new vehicle requirements?
  • Do you know how important depreciation costs really are in financials in this line of business?, if depreciation is removed from the equation you may find that your pre-depreciation profits aren't enough to cover the cost of replacement vehicles.

The list of questions above are just a small sampling of some things to evaluate in the due diligence of FedEx Routes or Linehaul Runs.  Sometimes our help will identify more key items in just 1 to 2 hours then someone else did in weeks of analyzing.  We have saved some folks hundreds of thousands of dollars off their ultimate purchase price with things we identify.

If you don't use us, we don't take it personal, but please use someone!, going at it alone can leave you with major buyer's remorse.