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MyGround Support is called upon for help by numerous Buyers and Sellers of FedEx Ground routes and linehaul runs after they complete their purchase.  Some are looking for potential expert witness services or professional opinions regarding facets of a sale transaction.

  • Potential Buyer Help

Some Buyers feel they may have bought routes or runs from Sellers that don't hold the value or financials returns purported or contractual and management aspects ultimately weren't what the Seller described.  They may have been provided purported financial data that is optimistic to say the least if not fundamentally flawed.  The Seller may have also withheld material information that would have influenced their purchase decision, if not purchase price paid. 

We are called upon by Buyers or the legal representation of such Buyers to provide professional opinion letters and sometimes even serving as expert witnesses. We hate to say it, but we have seen all types of potential Seller fraud or Buyer issues in FedEx routes sales and linehaul sales.  In Buyer support, we are constantly amazed at the some of the inflated vehicle values purported, overstated financial returns purported, missing or understated expenses purported, misinformation around contractual/operational aspects, and purported financial 'add-backs' that had no basis. Such misinformation is provided to Buyers by Sellers or their Agent (Broker) that then serve as a basis for that Buyer's decision to purchase the FedEx Ground routes or runs and purchase price paid.  Buyers typically have no recourse against Brokers of FedEx Ground routes and linehaul runs given their role.  Brokers are typically just passing along data provided to them by the Seller.  If the Broker derived the financial data or misinformation, the Buyer may have significant recourse against the Broker though.

  • Potential Seller Help

Some Sellers find themselves in situations where Buyers challenge the Seller's data after the sale and refuse to pay on installment sale amounts or take legal action against the Seller and/or Broker of the routes or linehaul runs.  The Buyer may feel they may have bought routes or runs from Sellers that don't hold the value or financials returns purported, but the Buyer misunderstood the situation.  The Buyer may not have completed their due diligence correctly as well.  In some situations a Broker may have derived the financial data or communicated misinformation about the routes or linehaul runs, providing such information to the Buyer without the Seller's knowledge.

While we would have much rather have met you before you made your purchase or sale, MyGround Support has and does provide expert witness services and professional opinions for both Buyers and Sellers.   MyGround Support is not a legal firm nor do we provide legal advice, but we can provide you and/or your attorney our professional opinion on the routes or runs and serve as an expert witness for your attorney if you and your attorney pursue litigation against the Seller or are facing litigation as a Seller. 

This product is for a free consult on how MyGround Support may or may not be able to help you.