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Federal 1120-S Tax Preparation (2018 Tax Year)


Federal 1120-S Tax Preparation Services

This product is for Federal 1120-S Tax Preparation and Associated Schedules. No assembling of data and/or organizing of records or any other data is included in the flat fee but can be performed at a $85hr. 

Two steps are required to engage MyGround® Support for Federal Tax Preparation Services:

1. Completion of the Tax Preparation Services Agreement (click on hyperlink)

2. Payment of the $725 Preparation Fee by adding this product to the cart and checking out.

Note: If Data Assembling or Organizing is required please ensure to answer "yes" and an $850 retainer is also paid.  This amount is used towards the assembling of data and/or organizing of records at $85hr and any funds not used will be refunded.

Please call us at 240-490-2895 or contact us via email at to discuss the Federal 1120-S Tax Preparation before purchasing if needed.

Tax Preparation Fee Schedule