Important Information for FedEx Route Buyers - Free Due Diligence Information

Buying FedEx Routes? Educate the FedEx Route / Linehaul Run Buyer Session


Thinking of Buying FedEx Routes or Linehaul Runs? - Start out on the Right Foot

This 1 hour consult provides the knowledge and information to be an informed Buyer of FedEx Routes or Linehaul Runs.  Many consider it a valuable "must consult" as you dive into the initial phases of a potential Route or Linehaul Run purchase.  Since 2014 MyGround® Support has analyzed the aspects of hundreds of FedEx Routes and Linehaul Runs, our experience is unparalleled to others.

Important non-financial and financial considerations are covered by MyGround® Support's staff that are former FedEx Ground contractors, top school MBA graduates, and premiere business consultants on FedEx Routes and Linehaul Runs. Handouts and materials provided include detailed financial metrics, in-depth due diligence support checklists, things to ask for from the Seller, and other key items. Please don't be a naive buyer of FedEx Routes, get unbiased information!

If you are developing your own evaluation model for due diligence or need to verify information received from the Seller this should be considered a "must consult". If you don't use us, please use someone!

Topics Covered & Handouts Provided:

  • Compensation Model along with Financial & Detailed Expense Metrics
  • Contractual Considerations
  • Detailed Non-Financial and Financial Due Diligence Data Calls
  • Route/Run acquisition risks & things to watch out for
  • Quick evaluation methods to determine if a potential route acquisition is worth diving deeper into

We will contact you within 4 business hours to schedule your one hour consult.  Scheduling will include distribution of supporting materials referenced in the session as well as a conference bridge dial-in number for the call (multiple attendees are permitted). 

If you are looking for a brief consult (< 1 hr) on general items you may be interested in a Consult via Clarity Call.