Have you heard of Redfin, Zillow, and other limited service brokers in the Real Estate Industry?  If you have or haven't, these companies have revolutionized their industry and significantly reduced Seller (and Buyer) costs in their industry.

Technology has revolutionized the sale of FedEx Ground Routes and Linehaul Runs.  In turn the costs and effort of a FedEx Route Broker to support FedEx Ground Routes and Linehaul Runs have significantly reduced.  For some reason though, traditional FedEx Route Brokers are still charging commission fees of 10-15% of your sales price.  

If you want a fair fee to help sell your FedEx Ground Routes or Linehaul Runs and the following contact us today:

  • Low $2,000 Flat Fee.  We charge a $2,000 Flat Fee.  No other fees!

  • Confidentiality. We initially correspond with the potential buyer inquiries to help keep you confidential. In addition, you don't have time to waste on what could be a large amount of  tire kickers and non-qualified buyers wasting your time. 

  • Experience.  MyGround® Sales staff consists of former FedEx Ground contractors.  

  • Buyer Pool/Listing.  We list your routes on national business for sale sites.  We use technology to our advantage.

  • FedEx Ground Focus:  We only support the sale of FedEx Ground P&D routes and linehaul runs.  We aren't trying to sell bread, snack, and numerous other routes.

Visit the MyGround® Support - Flat Fee product to learn more or contact us at customerservice@mygroundsupport.com or phone via 240-490-2895