Selling FedEx Routes or Looking for a FedEx Route Broker?

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Fee of just 8% of Final Sales Price

Have you heard of lower fees for home sales in the Real Estate Industry?  Are you ready to sell FedEx Routes or Linehaul Runs for a lower fee?

Technology has also revolutionized the sale of FedEx Ground Routes and Linehaul Runs.  In turn the costs and effort of a FedEx Route Broker to support FedEx Ground Routes and Linehaul Runs have significantly reduced just like it has to sell a home in the Real Estate Industry.

For some reason though, some traditional FedEx Route Brokers are still charging high commission fees, especially those that aren't experienced or provide no true value add.

If you want a much lower fee of just 8% of the Sales Price to sell your FedEx Routes or Linehaul Runs visit MYGROUND® SALES or call 240-490-2895.  As an experienced, successful, industry leader involved in dozens of FedEx Ground route and linehaul run transactions each year they can help sell your routes and bring you buyers.

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