Important Information for FedEx Route Buyers - Free Due Diligence Information

General Contact Information

MyGround® Support can be reached via the following methods for general inquiries on our services:

  • Phone: 240-490-2895 

  • Email: 

Due to a high volume of calls, scheduled services, and consult appointments please leave a message if you do not reach us.  Due to the demand and schedules of our consultants, we are unable to provide free consults on FedEx Route topics.  Services must be purchased on our site or a miscellaneous consult must be scheduled.

Miscellaneous Consults

In lieu of one of our services, miscellaneous consults with MyGround® Support can be scheduled with Clarity Call

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm EST excluding all Federal Holidays

  • Saturday - Sunday: Closed

  • All Federal Recognized Holidays: Closed

Documents, packages, & other mail:

MyGround Support LLC

5257 Buckeystown Pike, Unit 305

Frederick, MD 21704