Engaging MyGround® Support FOR DUE DILIGENCE SUPPORT

FedEx Route Due Diligence Support When Buying FedEx Routes

Our MBA graduate staff have personal experience in owning FedEx Routes and have performed due diligence on hundreds of P&D Routes and Linehaul Runs. We know the current and relevant aspects of FedEx Ground service provider agreements and contractor financials. We know the critical non-financial and financial aspects that require careful due diligence when buying FedEx Routes.  To engage us please complete the following steps or contact us with questions.

Step 1: Complete Services Agreement for FedEx Route Due Diligence Support

Please click on the "Complete Services Agreement" button below. You will be taken to an electronic Disigner page to complete. You will receive a copy to your email upon completion.

Step 2: Remit the $925 Engagement Fee

Our FedEx Route buyer consulting services & due diligence support is $185hr. We require an Engagement Fee to commence services.  Billings for services performed are charged against the Engagement Fee until it is exhausted.   

Please click on the "Remit Engagement Fee" below.  Please add the item to the "cart" and check out. You will receive a receipt to your email upon completion.

Sample Services Agreement