Steps to Join the FedEx Route Education Session

Step 1: Go to Conference Site 5-10 Minutes before Start Time


Step 2: Click "Join Online Meeting" Enter Name & Email


Click "Join Online" Meeting and a box will pop up.  In that box enter your Name and Email.  Then hit the "Join" button

Step 3: Click Your Audio Preference & Follow Prompts


Click on the phone icon toward the middle top. Another box will pop up stating to choose your audio preference.  Choose to join the session via Telephone (recommended) or via computer Mic & Speakers.  Follow through on remaining prompts dialing numbers and codes.  

Please note everyone may be placed on mute during portions of the session.  You will be able to use the Chat function at any time

Copy of Presentation

A copy of the presentation used in the FedEx P&D Route & Linehaul Education Session may not be resold, distributed, or reproduced without the express permission of MyGround Support LLC.  The file is print and content protected, requiring a password to access. The password to the file has been emailed to you in your session confirmation and shall not be shared with anyone under the Terms of Use of this site.  The presentation will render below with the password or by clicking here.