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 MyGround® Support has authored hundreds of RFI responses over the  years.  We are the #1 provider of RFIs to current and aspiring FedEx Contractors

FedEx Route Buyer Support

FedEx Route Buyer Support and FedEx Route Due Diligence

Since 2014, we’ve been sought out as the most experienced, unbiased, and "top shelf" advisors related to FedEx Route due diligence and valuation. 

FedEx Route Education Session


Knowledge and information to be an informed Buyer of FedEx Routes or Linehaul Runs.  Raved as a "must attend" by attendees. 

Financing & SBA Business Plans

FedEx Route SBA Financing

We author successful SBA compliant Business Plans and work with lenders that finance FedEx Route acquisitions.

General Phone Consults

Are FedEx Routes profitable?

General Q&A with a FedEx Route & Linehaul Expert.

Industry Insights - What are Routes Really Worth?

How to Value FedEx Routes

Take a look at some of our Industry Insights including a favorite topic, What are FedEx Routes Really Worth?

Welcome to MyGround® Support

Since 2014, we’ve been recognized as the most experienced, unbiased, and "top shelf" advisor in the industry. Several try to mimic our services, but none truly compare.  

Our staff are Fortune 100 Experienced Consultants with significant expertise and knowledge in FedEx Routes/Linehaul including personal ownership. As an unbiased consultant, We do not broker the sale of routes.  We've analyzed hundreds of routes over the years, our skills and experience are unparalleled to others. Our principles and values include:   

  • Be Impartial & Unbiased: We don’t “sell” great or bad things about FedEx routes and linehaul to you.  Sometimes FedEx Routes are a good investment, other times they aren't.  We provide unbiased information (positive and negative) you can use in your decision process.   
  • Use Sound Data & True Valuation Methods: Income Based Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) is used for valuation, a recognized Business Valuation Approach by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Industry data such as Price Digests® for fair market value of vehicles.
  • Focus on What Counts: We focus on true financial metrics including Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuation and Capital Impacts (CAPEX) along with our extensive non-financial knowledge of FedEx Routes/Linehaul. 

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