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MyGround® Support specializes in providing services to current and aspiring FedEx Ground Contractors including FedEx Route Buyers. We are sought out as one of the most elite, unbiased, and "top shelf" advisors in the industry with over 3,060 website visitors in 2018 alone. MyGround® Support's due diligence staff have analyzed hundreds of FedEx routes and linehaul runs over the years.  Our experience is unparalleled to others. We are the "secret" some hope you don't find! MyGround® Support has helped hundreds in buying routes, formal due diligence, financing, RFI responses (we're the #1 provider of FedEx RFIs), sample sale agreements, bookkeeping & payroll, and other professional services.

If you are buying routes we cannot stress how important it is to engage us or another advisor. Many components of FedEx Routes and Linehaul Runs are deceivingly more complex to evaluate and perform due diligence on then even the savviest business entrepreneur may think to review. Engaging an investment grade FedEx Route Consultant that has analyzed hundreds of routes is critical to understand the complexities, contractual aspects, and financials. MyGround® Support's due diligence staff are former FedEx Ground contracting investors, top school MBA graduates, and recognized experts on FedEx Ground route matters.  We perform bookkeeping & payroll services for numerous FedEx Contractors, we know the financials better than anyone else.

MyGround® Support can be reached at 240-490-2895 or info@mygroundsupport.com for questions regarding our services. In lieu of our listed services, consults can be scheduled via Clarity Call as well.

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