Welcome to MyGround® Support

MyGround® Support specializes in providing services to current and aspiring FedEx Ground Contractors. We've been in business for years, are in high demand, and are sought out as one of the most elite advisors in the industry.  We are the "secret" some hope you don't find! MyGround® Support provides services to current contractors, buyers of routes, sellers of routes, parties in need of an expert witness, and aspiring contractors in need of RFI responses.  We've supported hundreds in buyer due diligence support and RFI responses.

Our staff are former FedEx Ground contractors, top school MBA graduates, and Expert Witnesses on FedEx Ground route matters.  We consider ourselves very detail oriented, independent, objective, and leaps above the services the other "route consultants" attempt to provide. We're successful business entrepreneurs who've personally obtained SBA financing for "good routes".  One of our flagship services is FedEx Ground RFI responses, we've written hundreds of successful responses over the years.  We've also assisted many route buyers in route purchases and we've assisted route owners in selling their routes for 75% less of what others charge.

If you are buying routes we cannot stress how important it is to engage us or another advisor. If you pay a 3-4 multiple of a purported 30+ % cash flow (rather than the true %) you could possibly be making one of the worst financial decisions of your life. The Seller's Broker works for and is looking out for the Seller...not you. 30 +% Profit Margins are too good to be true (10-15% pre-depreciation margin is more accurate). A 10-15% pre-depreciation margin can be pretty good in comparison with other business opportunities though. As such many with reasonable expectations of profitability are interested in FedEx Routes. Engaging a FedEx Route Consultant is critical to ascertain what the likely Operating Cash Flow and the Free Cash Flow (Operating Cash Flow less Capital Reserves) margins are as they are different for many routes and linehaul runs.

Our Services include, but are not limited to: